Helping teens reach their goals
and build their dreams

For over 20 years, Beth Pannenberg has been educating and empowering students (K-12), parents, educators, and the community on challenges young people face.
She emphasizes the importance of respect for self and others and that your value is based on who you are and not what you do.

Coaching with Ms. P

Beth helps with motivation, isolation, social distancing, self confidence, body issues, relationships, and much more.

Their world is real

Since Covid, their world has completely turned upside down.  Most school functions & sporting events have been canceled and this has thrown them in a world that they never expected. Many are battling anxiety, depression, loneliness, and stress.

Does it work?

YES!  Beth listens with sincere care and believes laughing is the best medicine. She provides tools to motivate teens to take initiative and use the rest of their life. They learn that no matter what life throws them, they will get through it.

Parents, you need to be more educated about your teen. For more information and facts, click on the button. Have questions? Contact us, today!

Awareness is POWERFUL.

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